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Hosted PBX

Voicisity Hosted PBX

Click here to login to your Hosted PBX Account.  This will allow you to:

  • Check and manage your voicemail;
  • Setup call forwarding and find-me-follow-me rules;
  • Review your recorded calls;
  • "Click and call" from your directory;
  • Manage your Account Settings and Call Configuration (account administrator only)

To login, use your phone extension login credentials provided by your system administrator.

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For assistance enter a helpdesk ticket or call us at 214-393-6420.



Receive your faxes anywhere by having them sent as a PDF attachment to your email.  Our hosted PBX will capture incoming faxes and send them directly to your inbox or a group mailbox to allow for intelligent management of your information.  No more losing paper copies of faxes, receiving blank copies because of low ink in your fax machine, or dedicating phone lines to low-use fax machines.  Forward faxes to the right party easily via email.  Free yourself from a fixed office!


Virtual Offices

Why should your phone system be tied to a single office when you and your employees are not?  Allow employees to work from home or remote offices while still connected via a single phone system using our hosted PBX solution.  Intelligently route calls based on business needs not on physical location.  Duplicate your office extension with a remote or home extension so you can receive your important calls and messages where you work!



Inform customers, alert employees or reach out to prospects using our auto-dialer and broadcast voice services.  Simply upload a list of numbers and a voice recording and our hosted PBX will do the rest - calling each number, broadcasting your message and intelligently reacting to answering machines.  Receive a campaign report showing the number of callees reached.


Contact Us by Phone

Dallas / Fort Worth: 214-393-6420
Toll Free: 866-557-9459

News Flash

I recently had a prospective client ask, "Why should I pay one of your techs to call tech support for another vendor's product?"  Fair question, I thought.  And here was my answer.  The majority of issues are related to operating system configuration or interaction of disparate applications on a PC.  Our technicians are trained to handle the majority of these issues without ever needing to call a vendor's tech support line.  When you, as a user, call a vendor support line, the first thing they do is walk you through these troubleshooting steps.  Our technicians can normally complete these troubleshooting steps faster than you (remember, they do this for a living!), and can quickly bypass this step with a vendor support desk getting to the meat of an issue and a resolution.  Overall, our technicians can complete these steps in 50 - 70% less time than it would take you to do the same with a vendor support technician.  So is it a better use of your time to work with a vendor support technician? or for us resolve an issue faster allowing you to focus on running your business?  Only YOU can answer that question!  Call on us to help at 214-393-6420.  - Geoffrey Hayden, Partner.